In addition to the systems individually programmed for our customers, we develop our own products because we repeatedly come across areas in which a good software is missing. So! Go for it! Let‘s hit the buttons ...

A good planning

A short sketch on a note­pad is not enough – the star­ting point is a mind map which is usual­ly so lar­ge that a nor­mal office prin­ter is not able to cope with it. After all, all the func­tions need to be con­si­de­red and visua­li­zed. It is also necessa­ry by now to inclu­de pos­si­ble enlar­ge­ments plan­ned for the future. This makes it easier to expand the sys­tem later on, and the­re­fo­re less expensive.

We are cur­r­ent­ly working on a soft­ware which is inten­ded to auto­ma­te the ser­vice dis­tri­bu­ti­on and the ser­vice han­do­ver, the sett­le­ment, the pro­to­col sys­tem in a very spe­ci­fic indus­try. The tool is to be rol­led out as – soft­ware as a ser­vice – (SAAS) on very favor­able terms. In the weeks and mon­ths to come, we will report on the pro­duc­tion sta­tus and fur­ther mea­su­res under ‘latest news’.

Your kil­ler app? You have your own ide­as which are to be cast in a pro­gramming code? Then click here!

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