Our story

The whys and wherefores

The beginning

Suddenly, it was there - the Commodore 64, a lunchbox-like object for a whopping 795 DM. It was incredible what you could do with it. That was in 1983. Today, it is still in the showcase, kept in its deserved old age and embodies the beginning of the digital age for us.

The internet

in its beginnings came across us a bit later. An acoustic coupler dataphone 21d with a transmission rate of a whopping 300 bit/s established the connection to the first combos. The dial of the phone led to circular blisters around the index finger. The page loading functioned line by line, it was easy to read along, and e-mails, for example to Hannover, took 3-5 days.

The homepage

came up a bit later. During our studies, we built the first homepages, optimized for the very latest Netscape Navigator 4.7 for a well-known carpet manufacturer from Belgium. This was then presented exclusively at the Domotex, the trade fair in Hannover, on a giant monitor.

The content management system

We have been implementing web presences for our customers since 1996. In 2002, our main focus switched to the development of content management systems. So, it was only a logical step to go away from the simple internet presence to systems manageable even for laypersons. We programmed individual systems according to customer needs. Since then, our customers included well-known companies from car construction, textile industry, finance, wholesale trade, associations, politics, authorities.

Was that all there is to it?

No, certainly not. The digital age only started in the 80s, the first mobile phones were available in the 90s, mobile internet is suitable for mass use since the iPhone. Electric cars, autonomous driving, the Internet of Things, digitalization to the last corner will follow and continue to change the lives of all of us.
There is enough to do. We put our heart, energy, and reliability into it.

Whom you are dealing with here

One bricklayer needs 100 days to build a house, 100 bricklayers need one day for completion.
This may prove to be a bit too optimistic, because wherever many people work together, there are many interactions that need to be managed. Our industry likes to talk about man-days and man-years - or a bit 'gendered' - person-days and person-years.
It briefly describes, for example, that a software requires 150 man-days of effort. Operating systems or large software systems may sometimes require X man-years.
We can dynamically scale our operations team from 1 to very large and that way, we are able to cope with every project size or/and timing.

Managing director
As the managing director; I am the head of Peloton Information Technology GmbH. You have probably wondered what Peloton means and why I have chosen this name. For many years, I have been very connected with cycling. In my spare time, I pedal through our beautiful Taunus or through other attractive regions either on my own, with friends, or with my cycling club 'Team Taunus Express' - even up to the very top. For me, there are many parallels between cycling and my professional activity. That is why this name quickly came to my mind, because the peloton from cycling is easily transferable to IT. With the customer in the team, we want to provide each other with slipstream in order to reach the intended goal faster together. So, believe me, no matter where the shoe pinches - with our tailor-made solutions, you will be the first to cross the finish line. Your Peter Kuipers

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