About us

You would like to know if we are the right partner for your project?
We are.

The name

Due to the great importance of air resistance in cycling, cyclists come together to cross the finish line faster by providing each other with slipstream.
In cycling, the peloton (French for pelote = milling crowd) is a larger group, often around the title favorite.
We like this association, because we want to act with our customers and for our customers in the same manner. Providing each other with slipstream and pushing the favorite – therefore, you – beyond the finish line first.

Foundation in 2018?

You are wondering how it is possible that a company founded in 2018 is talking about the past and many customers.
Quite simple – because our ship has been cruising the digital world's oceans for a very long time. The foundation of Peloton IT is only the final step.
Getting rid of grown structures, constraints, and costs towards a very lean, dynamic company focusing only on customer request again, makes us flexible and our service and our products very good and favorable.


Our love of cycling is easily transferable to our business model. A soft spot for technical innovations, lean structures, use of synergies, a clearly defined goal in mind, bringing the captain to the goal first as a team - that is what our employees have been successfully doing since many years.


We would like you to associate the following characteristics with our company:
- excellent project planning
- scaleable sizes of project teams from small to very, really very large
- excellent programming services
- your deadlines are our deadlines

Whom you are dealing with here

One bricklayer needs 100 days to build a house, 100 bricklayers need one day for completion.
This may prove to be a bit too optimistic, because wherever many people work together, there are many interactions that need to be managed. Our industry likes to talk about man-days and man-years - or a bit 'gendered' - person-days and person-years.
It briefly describes, for example, that a software requires 150 man-days of effort. Operating systems or large software systems may sometimes require X man-years.
We can dynamically scale our operations team from 1 to very large and that way, we are able to cope with every project size or/and timing.

Managing director
As the managing director; I am the head of Peloton Information Technology GmbH. You have probably wondered what Peloton means and why I have chosen this name. For many years, I have been very connected with cycling. In my spare time, I pedal through our beautiful Taunus or through other attractive regions either on my own, with friends, or with my cycling club 'Team Taunus Express' - even up to the very top. For me, there are many parallels between cycling and my professional activity. That is why this name quickly came to my mind, because the peloton from cycling is easily transferable to IT. With the customer in the team, we want to provide each other with slipstream in order to reach the intended goal faster together. So, believe me, no matter where the shoe pinches - with our tailor-made solutions, you will be the first to cross the finish line. Your Peter Kuipers